Grade 9 Social Studies

Ms. Menzies has asked her grade nine students if they would like to work in teams to create their own web pages about different topics in the grade nine social studies curriculum. Basically, we’ll be creating our own textbook together as a class by collecting, researching and analyzing a variety of engaging educational resources on topics such as:

  • The English Civil War
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Seven Years’ War
  • The Fur Trade & Early Canada
  • French Revolution
  • American Revolution

Students will be given time each week to work with both print and online resources in the library to find and summarize information from primary and secondary sources, images, videos, readings and activities that will help their classmates learn about their topic.

Through this project, students will build their skills in research, problem solving, teamwork, presentation and digital communication, while engaging with the content of the course in an exciting and memorable manner. Parents will be able to follow along with the progress of both their child and the class as a whole.

Each week, we will be studying a unit using the students’ webpages to add to the information available through the 1998 textbook, “Crossroads: A Meeting of Nations” written by Michael Cranny. In addition, students will be asked to work on smaller assignments, such as researching and presenting current events in the news which they think are related to the historical topics we are studying. Those groups working on webpages on topics which will be studied earlier in the term will work on their current event presentations later in the term, and vice versa for those with later topics.

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