American Revolution

By Romeo.O

During/After the Line of the British

There was something called the “Line of the British” (hence the subtitle), where the British and the American colonies stood against each other. It didn’t say who shot the first bullet, but whoever did started the American Revolution. There were only 180 American soldiers that were killed/ wounded when the British fired.

American/British (1775) Armies

In the American Revolution, George Washington was elected; Commander of the Continental Army (for the Americans). The first “major battle” against the two colonies was taken place in Boston, near Bunker Hill. The first British forces had around 180 men; and British military actions cost a lot of money. The making of the “Declaration of Independence” was created by Tomas Jefferson. The British Armies invaded Lexington, Cambridge, Boston, New York City (The Big Apple), and Concord.

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