Climate of North America

On this page, we will be talking about the climate of North America including temperature, climate types and weather patterns.

Fun Facts!

    • The North American tundra has temperature rises above freezing for a short period every summer
    • The Pacific Northwest area has the highest average rainfall in North America.

Video about  climate and vegetation:

Temperatures in North America

climate map of NA
This map shows temperatures across North America on Nov. 4 2014

Weather Patterns of different Climate Types in North America

The climate of North America is divided into eight different climate types:

Forest – Four different seasons with warm summers and Cold and wet winters.

Coniferous forest – cold and dry with snowy winters and warm summers.

Mediterranean – Warm temperatures with rainfall in the fall and winter.

Grassland – Hot summers and cold winters with rainfall.

Tundra – winters are very cold, summers are warm and there is little rain.

Alpine – Cold, windy and snowy. It is winter from October to May with temperatures are below freezing, while summer is from June to September where the temperature can reach 15°C.

Rainforest – High temperatures and lot rainfall all year round

Desert – Warm temperatures with not much rainfall.

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