First Peoples of Turtle Island


First People of Turtle Island

By Jakob, Mark, Chloe, and Fiona

Learning Goal: Understand Aboriginal interaction with environment and describe daily life in Aboriginal communities


Did you know that a very long time ago North America was once called Turtle Island? It was renamed North America by a Spanish explorer named Amerigo Vespucci. Our group would like to teach you as much as we can about the Turtle Island, and we hope you enjoy the website.

We are a group of grade 9 students studying Turtle Island for our socials project. We hope to teach you many things about not just


Turtle Island its self but also about the people within it. Please respect our website and use this to get information about Turtle Island. Thanks for reading

There are many Aboriginal nations from Turtle Island, but the most widespread nation of them all is the Anishinaabek. They range from the Canadian Sub-Arctic to southern Mexico.


They also, because of
their widespread, have the most accepted Aboriginal language in Turtle Island. At one point there were a total of 53 different native languages in Canada!

Creation Story
The Objiwba people have a very different perspective on how Turtle Island (now known as North America) was created.


They believed that the beautiful goddess Mother Earth and The powerful sprit Kitchi Manitou had children.

Then once those children they grew old and their children had children and the generation went on every person that was related to them were known as Canadians.
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History & Culture
Christopher Columbus did not discover North America, in fact it was estimated that there were around 18 million Native people living on Turtle Island before the Europeans even discovered it. However, many of the indigenous people came from Asia, Europe, Siberia and even Africa. At one point in Canada there were fifty three different Native languages.


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