Deadlines for Web Page Assignments

Second Web Pages Due 5pm Nov. 26: This is an individual assignment.

Deadline Extension: Students, if you have not handed in your USB key and print out of your assignment during class on Wednesday, please email your webpage to me at by 5pm so that I can upload your paragraphs and images before the class sees the completed website on Thursday, Nov. 27.

Each student is responsible for taking notes, writing and editing 500 words of text, creating an image and including a link to a video, podcast, game or other interactive learning activity on a subtopic for inclusion on one of the following webpages:

  • The Columbian Exchange
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Trade, Slavery and Colonization
  • “Indian Wars” and Resistance to Colonization
  • Seven Years War
  • American Revolution
  • French Revolution
  • Napoleon’s Empire
  • British North America
  • War of 1812

Step 1: Taking Notes from Books (due beginning of class Nov. 19)

Each student must hand in a completed worksheet (see link below to download an extra copy)

Website Project Worksheet #1 Taking Notes

This worksheet should include at least two full pages of notes (short points in their own words, not sentences copied from others) from at least three library book sources as well as the grade 9 textbook, “Crossroads: A Meeting of Nations” by Michael Cranny. Students will have two class periods to take notes, and if they are not done, must borrow a book from the library to complete their notes for homework. We only have 15 textbooks for 60 students in the two grade 9 classes, so they may not take a class textbook home.

Step 2: Using Online Sources (due beginning of class Nov. 20)

This worksheet should include at least one page of notes from three online sources, as well as an image (with a caption created by the student explaining the significance of the image) from an online source. See link below to download a copy)

Website Project Worksheet #2 Online Sources

Step 3: Drafting Text and inserting images in MS Word (due beginning of class Nov. 21)

Step 4: Editing and Layout Design for Webpages (due along with final copy of Webpage Nov. 24)

Step 5: Uploading and Editing Webpages in WordPress (must be complete by end of class on Nov. 26)

************* Web Exam Nov 27************

Final Copies of first web pages are due Friday Nov. 7, including:

  • print out of word document with pictures, links and bibliography formatted in MLA style
  • USB key with copy of word document, and a copy of each image in JPEG format, named appropriately with a number according to the order your group wants the image to appear on your webpage
  • 5-15 word captions for each image ready to be copied into website

A representative from each group will work with the teacher to upload your group’s word document and images onto the right webpage during class on Nov. 5, 6, 7, and 10th, in the order that groups are ready. Then each member of the group will have a chance to learn how to edit and format their page.

Webpages will then be marked by the teacher, and students will each get an individual mark which includes points for their group’s overall product, as well as a self-assessment and a peer-assessment of their individual work ethic, contributions and achievement based on the rubrick given out when the project was assigned.

Website Assignment Assessment Form

First drafts of web pages are all Due Nov. 3, including the following topics:

Grade 9 Social Studies Webpage Assignment

Geography of North America
First Peoples of Turtle Island

First Points of Contact:

  • Did Columbus really “Discover” the “New World”?
  • The Vikings Encounter “Vinland”

Communities, Confederacies, Kingdoms, Empires:

  • Empires in the Americas before 1492
  • Kingdoms and Empires in Eurasia before 1492
  • Confederacy of the Five Nations
  • Empires in the Americas in the 1700s

Europeans Take to the Seas:

  • Little Ice Age and Environmental Causes of Conflict
  • Trade, Plagues, Crusades, and the Reconquista
  • Protestant Revolution and the Catholic Reformation
  • The End of Feudalism and beginning of the Modern Age

English Civil War:

  • The Stuart Kings and the Divine Right to Rule
  • Cromwell’s Puritan Dictatorship
  • Queen Mary and William of Orange’s “Glorious Revolution”
  • Constitutional Monarchy, Parliament and the Bill of Rights