Scottish Explorers

By Joyce

Many explorers used canoe to sail the rivers of Canada. Often, explorers had to cut a path through forest before they could use their boats again. Explorers had to stop to unload their canoe and carry everything till they reach a safer place. There are a lot of Scottish explorers and here are some of the most famous Scottish explorers: Alexander Mackenzie, Simon Fraser and Dr. John Rae.


[i]Alexander Mackenzie was ten when his family immigrated to Canada. He was the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean. He volunteered to search across the Rocky Mountain and he sailed to Britain to study navigation because he realized that he needed to learn navigational and mapping techniques. Also, he is a wealthy man because of fur trade and exploring.


[ii]Simon Fraser and his mother immigrated to Canada after his father died. He is the youngest son of Brigadier General. At the age of 25, he became a full partner of the North West Company and he became Mackenzie’s successor. He never reached the Pacific Ocean because Musqueam warrior intercepted and forced them to turn back.


At a young age,  [iii]Dr. John Rae has always wanted to explore the new lands for himself. After he graduated from a Medical school in Edinburgh University, he took a position as ship’s surgeon on a vessel headed for Canada. He made friends with First Nation peoples and learned some survival skills that later saved his life. He became an accomplished woodsman.

The three Scottish explorers had some difficulties about surviving and exploring Canada but at least one of them was able to finish what he wanted to do. One of them became friends with the First Nation peoples and went to Medical school. The other person studied Navigation and became a wealthy man. And the last person was forced to turn back by the Musqueam warriors.






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