The Web Page Assignment

Groups of four students will take on researching and creating two webpages to present 2 topics in the grade nine curriculum. The first webpage will be on a topic we have already covered and will be due on Nov. 3, and the other webpage will be researching a new topic and will be due either on Nov. 17, 21, or 24, depending on the topic. Each student will have a role to play in their group’s project, either as a Project Coordinator, Researcher, Editor or Media Director. To ensure each group member contributes fairly and responsibly, peer assessment will be included in each students’ final individual mark. The teacher will also mark each group’s success in their page as a whole, so make sure you work well as a part of your team!

Student Roles

The Coordinator’s job is to support the group in cooperatively creating and implementing a plan to complete their project together. The Coordinator will make sure everyone in their group is on task, motivated and asks for help from the teacher when needed. If anything is left incomplete, it is ultimately the Coordinator’s job to fill in the gaps and get it done.

The Researcher’s job is to work with the Librarian and Teacher to identify accurate and appropriate sources of information for the group to use to learn and teach about their topic. The Researcher is responsible for providing notes for the Editor to turn into text for the web page.

The Editor’s job is to take the notes and sources found by the researcher and turn it into understandable and interesting reading material on the group’s website. The Editor ensures the writing is grammatically correct and spelled according to standard CanadianĀ  English. The Editor works with the Researcher to identify any pieces of information that are missing, so that the Researcher can then go find more sources.

The Media Director’s job is to find sources of images, video, podcasts etc and to ensure the webpage is visually attractive and clear. All media used must be acknowledged and sourced properly, in accordance with intellectual property rights. The Media Director learns how to use the website formatting and is responsible for uploading their group’s content onto the class website.

The Topics student groups will choose to work on include:

Geography of North America
First Peoples of Turtle Island
First Points of Contact
Empires in the Americas

Europeans Take to the Seas
Little Ice Age & Environmental Causes of Conflict
Protestant Revolution & the Reformation of the Catholic Church
The End of Feudalism and beginning of the Modern Age
English Civil War
Industrial Revolution

The Columbian Exchange
Trade, Slavery & Colonization
“Indian Wars” and Resistance to Colonization
Seven Years War
American Revolution

French Revolution
Napoleon’s Empire
British North America
War of 1812

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